I Want To Start Refereeing

Firstly, to start refereeing for ACBA and Basketball SA you need to be a minimum of 12 years old and available after school Monday-Wednesday and/or Saturday mornings at our various North Eastern suburb venues.

1. Registering With ACBA

For both new referees and existing referees, if you have not already done so, you will need to register with ACBA as a referee here. Please ensure your information is correct. Once we have this information, we can send it on to the umpires in charge at your preferred venues.

2. Registering With Basketball SA

You will also need to register with Basketball SA, if not already registered. For beginners, please do so after your first game as a small fee applies. We are classed as a social competition.

3. Working With Children Check

For all referees aged 14 and over, please ensure you have a WWC (register as a volunteer), as it is a requirement by law. It may take a few weeks to get the result of this back; once back, or if you already have one, please email through to [email protected] – you can start without this, but we will need it within 3 months.

Please visit this link to start the process.

4. Shirts

Our fully qualified referees wear grey shirts, while learning our referees participate in the green shirt program. You can have a read through what this means here. Brand new referees who have not done a level O course need to wear white shirts, until they have done their course and are classed as trainees.


To purchase a green shirt, please email [email protected]. If you have been assessed and approved for a grey shirt, please purchase here. If unsure, please email [email protected].

5. Whistles

We use Fox 40 Classic whistles for our competition; please order your whistle here if you do not already have one.

6. Statement By Suppliers

Please complete this form so we can pay you and return to [email protected].

7. Facebook Pages

To keep updated with our information in regards to referees, we highly recommend you join our Facebook group, ACBA Referees. To keep up to date with Basketball SA information, including course information, please join Basketball SA Referees. You can also email Basketball SA about courses or for more information on [email protected].

8. Rules, By-Laws and Interpretations

Please read through below links in regards to the rules, expectations, and the pathways for referees.

What Happens Next?

Once we receive an ACBA registration form, our ACBA referee coordinator will be in contact about starting at one of our venues. Beginners will start out shadowing another experienced referee (following them) and within 4-6 weeks approximately, they will move on to opposing an experienced referee.


After completing the level O course, they will spend the next 6 months getting on court experience before doing a level 1c exam. From the level 1c exam, they spend approximately 12 months doing on court assessments to get their accreditation. These are signed off by our referees coaches who are out on Saturdays.


We want to start our beginners on weeknights – after school ball and then after a term they will finish with after school ball and move onto Saturday social competition.

Register With ACBA Now


All referee rosters are located on TeamApp. Referees will need to join ConnectRef to access these.


Basketball SA Pathways

The following diagram shows the pathway for referees in Australia.

Pay Scheme

ShadowSHNone/ Level O$5.50
D GradeDLevel O$10.00
C GradeCLevel 1c$13.00
B GradeBLevel 1b$14.00
A GradeALevel 1a$16.00
Level 22Level 2$18.00
ShadowSHNone/ Level O$5.00
D GradeDLevel O$10.00
C Grade +CLevel 1c and above$11.50


  • null
    Tucked white/green/grey shirt
  • null
    Black ‘business’ pants – knee length shorts to be worn in hot weather only (over 35 degrees)
  • null
    Black sneakers and socks, and
  • null
    Long hair tied back
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